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Our Vegetables

Maxco food industries has over 170 types of vegetable ranging from local kampung vegetable to vegetables from all over the world imported by Maxco.

List of vegetables

Bayam Round

Bayam Sharp

Curry Leaves

Kang Kong

Lime Leaf Thai

Sweet Potato Leaf

More Vegetables

Baby Romaine Radish White Ginger Young
Banana Flower Mire Chestnut Ginger Young PPK
Banana Leaf Water Chestnut Kai Lan
Brinjal Pearl 350g Winter Melon China Onion Red 4kg
Chye Sim Flower Green Pepper Koo Chye
Chye Sim Miow Msia Red Pepper Kow Kee Chye (Bundle)
Corn Young Yellow Pepper Lady Finger PPK
Eggplant China Kai Lan Stem Lady Finger
Endive Local Leek Red China Laksa Leaves PKT
English Parsley Xiang Mai Langkwas (Blue Ginger)
Ginger Flower Yam Baby Leek Cameron Highland
Ginger Old 200g Chili Padi Red 100g Lemon Grass
Kai Lan Miow Msia Chili Red 200g Lime Large
Kow Peck Chye Msia Purple Sweet Potato Lime Large PKT
Kunyit Leaf Japanese Pumpkin Viet Lime Small
Lady Finger 200g Ku Chye Thai 100g Lime Small PKT
Mani Chye 300g Ginger Yellow Local Cellery
Tomato L Mini Cucumber Thai Local Lettuce
Zucchini Green Yam XL Luffa
Zucchini Yellow Cabbage Round Indo Marrow Green
Arrow Root Frech Bean Indo Melon Sharkfin
Cabbage Beijing Honey Sweet Potatoes Mushroom Oyster
Cabbage Chinese Petai Peeled Mushroom Leaf Local
Cabbage Long Potato Brastagi Mini Indo Pa Bo Chye
Cabbage Round Chia Radish White Indo Pandan Leaves
Cabbage Wong Bok Sweet Potato Japanese (Indo) Pearl Bean
Carrot Watercress (Indo) Kow Pek Chye
Chestnut Sweet Corn Malaysia 2's Pumpkin
Chili Dried Radish Green Red Vegetable
China Baby Chye Sim Sweet Potato Red Malaysia Sio Pek Chye Malaysia
China Baby Dou Pak Bangkwang Snakegourd Msia
China Baby Kai Lan Bean French PPK Baby Bayam Round
China Baby Shanghai Green Bean French Ginger Yellow PPK
China Broccoli Bean Long Bayam Red
China Cauliflower Bittergourd Baby Bayam Sharp
China Celery Bittergourd Mini Lotus Root Washed
China Chye Sim Bottle Gourd Spring Onion
China Iceberg Lettuce Brinjal Round Tapioca
China Kai Lan Brinjal Long Ti wan Chye
China Leek (White) Chili Green Yam
China Puay Leng Chili Padi Red Yam Local
China Shanghai Green Chili Padi Green Onion Red
China Snow Peas Chili Red Onion Yellow
China Sweet Peas Chokos Garlic
China Wa Wa Chye Chye Sim Malaysia Potato
China Yuan Xiao Bai Coriander Onion
Garlic Peeled Cucumber Japanese Pineapple (Joshapine)
Ginkgo Cucumber Local Watermelon
Gobo / Burdock Cucumber Mini Thailand Papaya (1 ft)
Huai Shan Vacuumed Cucumber Old Banana (Mix)
Ku Chye Huay Dow Miow Baby Four Angle Bean


Loading Vegetables Into Vacuum Chiller

All our vegetables are vacuum cooled before and after packing to maintain the freshness of our product and also stop the rotting process and thus shelf life is prolonged.

Hygienic Packing House

All our vegetables are packed in a hygienic environment. Maxco packed vegetables according to our client's specification and types of packing (normal, premium or go green).