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About Us

  Maxco Food Industries is a business dealing with vegetable trading in both Singapore and Malaysia. In Singapore, it is registered as Maxco Food Industries Pte Ltd; and in Malaysia, Maxco Food Industries Sdn Bhd.

Maxco Food Industries is currently situated in 2 offices. One in Singapore, 11, Kallang Place, #07-01, Singapore 339155 and one in Malaysia, Ptd 6645, Jln Ayer Hitam-Machap, Machap 86200 Simpang Rengam, Johor. In March 2012, Maxco started signing contracts with local farmers to start growing vegetables for us. Currently, we are purchasing a piece of land in Malaysia to set up a factory for the processing, packing and storage of vegetables.

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Our Projection

  Malaysia’s agriculture land is getting fewer every day, the rising cost of fertilizer and insecticide, shortage of government intervention on vegetables safety so we need to have a new breed of farmers that can grow vegetable safely so that we do not eat insecticide lace vegetable.

We also cannot rely on suppliers for our vegetables anymore like in the past but instead we must now have our own farms to grow what we need, and also maintain a standard quality of what we want.

Our New Factory

  Maxco Food Industries Sdn Bhd will built our new factory in 2015 at Machap, Johor. It is a 50,000sqft factory comprising 4 nos of 4000sqft packing section, 4 chillers of 30,000m^3 in total volume, 10,000sqft of storage area for hardies including all the necessary grading system (ISO22000, HACCP, GMP, MESTI).  
About Us

Our Group of Companies

We have two companies set up solely to plant hardies and leafy for our clients so that we could have a better control of our vegetables
in terms of quality and control of pesticide and herbacides.
Maxco Agricultures Sdn Bhd
Maxco Agricultures Sdn Bhd is our sister company dealing in
hardies. Its main activity is planting fruity vegetables
(cucumber, long beans, pumpkins etc.)
Maxco Agricultures Sdn Bhd
Maxco Leaftculture Sdn Bhd is our sister company dealing in planting of leaf vegetables (Kangkong, Chye sim, Bayams, etc)
About Us

Our Delivery Trucks

In order to provide our clients with the freshest vegetables, Maxco invested
millions of ringgit in our delivery fleet of chiller trucks of different sizes
ranging from 16ft to 34ft.
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