Our Farm

    Up till March 2014 we have over 100 acres of contract farming mainly for leafy but now Maxco has acquired 120 acres of farming land to plant vegetables ourselves, meaning our cost of vegetables will decrease and profit will increase and we will also have a steady supply of goods to our clients, also Maxco can manage to supply more confirmed clients. Maxco have also gone into semi organic farming for leafy which is so call organic farming in the market. Maxco make use of vermin caste to produce bacterial to grow vegetable without insecticide, the result is very rewarding.

    Our Plantation

    All our farms follows our company's strict policy not to use excessive chemical. All the weeds and excessive grass will be cleared either mechanically or manually so that all our vegetables will be free from HERBICIDES. Our farms are not organic but we are striving to grow our vegetables as naturally as possible and maintain a 0% residue of chemical on our vegetable
    Cucumber Farm   Young Cucumber Farm   Long Bean Farm
    Cucumber Farm   Young Cucumber Farm   Long Bean Farm
    Sio Pek Chye   Kangkong Farm    
    Sio Pek Chye Farm   Kangkong Farm
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